Debunking Three Myths About George Washington

George Washington, our nation’s first president is one of the most dominant figures in American history. For many Americans, he is known as the “Father of our Nation” because he became the greatest American legend involved in the freedom and development of our country in numerous ways: military hero, first president, a signer of the American Declaration of Independence, just to name a few.
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What happened to such men like Washington is that myths were created that enhanced fame and honor. However, most myths become such tall tales that they become exaggerations or lies. Such is the case with three of the most popular myths about Washington’s life.
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1. The Cherry Tree: Young George Washington used his new hatchet and chopped down his father’s prized cherry tree. When his father found his tree had been cut down, he asked his son if he was the perpetrator. George said that he did indeed chop it down and his father embroidered him as an act of forgiveness.
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This story is probably the most popular myth about Washington, but it is a fable. This tale originated in a book written by a minister named Mason Locke Weems, or “Parson” Weems who was an American author who wrote several biographies of historical figures.
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His most famous biography was The Life of Washington, written in 1800. Weems also wrote about other less-known myths about Washington. Most who read the book thought they were absent.
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2. False Teeth Made of Wood: Washington’s false teeth were not made of wood. Our first president appeared to be cursed with chronic problems with his teeth most of his life. He wore denture made of human, and probably cow and horse teeth, ivory, lead-tin alloy, copper alloy (sometimes brass), and silver alloy.
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So, it seems he was just about every alternative type of element that could have been made into a tooth. At his home in Mount Vernon, visitors can see a display of his last set of dentures, apparently made of ivory. Interestingly, these dentures are the most prominently displayed items there.
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3. The Silver Dollar Thrown Across the Potomac River: Did Washington throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River? The width of the river runs from 1,300 feet to 11 miles. It is humanly impossible to throw a coin from one side to another.
Also, the colonial government did not mint silver “dollars” until 1794. Before that date, the Spanish dollar, or “Piece of Eight” had circulated in the original colonies. Beside Washington was 67 years old when he died in 1799. So he would have been a fairly old man, at 63, when the first dollar was released.
Myths about famous men and women are invented to make their lives seem greater and more interesting than they already are. Whatever myths begin as tales written in books, or are created among drunken men in taverns, it is unnecessary gossip.
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Washington was such a famous American figure, creating myths that did little to enhance the deeds that made him such a legendary American hero. These three myths spread about him certainly pale in comparison to his enumerated list of achievements.

Domestic Violence No Contact Orders in Washington State

In Washington State, there is no crime of Domestic Violence. Rather, Domestic Violence is a tag that is put on other crimes indicating that there is a family or household relationship between the parties involved. Most jurisdictions will impose a No Contact Order that violates the defending in a Domestic Violence (“DV”) case from having contact with the alleged victim of the crime. The order will often prohibit contact with the victim’s children, residence and place of work too.
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Family or household relationship

According to RCW 10.99.020 (3), family or household members is defined as:

[S] pouses, former spouses, persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time, adult persons related by blood or marriage, adult persons who are currently living together or who have survived together in the past, persons sixty years of age or older who are already residing together or who have maintained together in the past and who have or have had a dating relationship, persons sixty years of age or older with someone a person sixteen years of age or older has or has had a dating relationship, and persons who have a biological or legal parent-child relationship, including stepparents and stepchildren and grandparents and grandchildren.
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As you can see, this definition is extremely broad. It is far more inclusive then what most people would expect it to be. The same is true for the types of crimes that are labeled “Domestic Violence.” Most people only think of Assault when it comes to domestic violence, however there are many other crimes that can carry the DV tag.

Mandatory Arrest
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According to RCW 10.31.100 (2) (c), an officer must make an arrest if: The person is sixteen years or older and within the precedent four hours has asserted a family or household member as defined in RCW 10.99.020 and the officer believes:

(i) A felonious assault has occurred;

(ii) an assault has occurred which has been substantiated in bodily injury to the victim, whether the injury is observable by the responding officer or not; Egypt

(iii) that any physical action has occurred which was intended to cause another person reasonably to fear imminent serious bodily injury or death. Bodily injury means physical pain, illness, or an impairment of physical condition. When the officer has probable reason to believe that family or household members have assailed each other, the officer is not required to arrest both persons. The officer shall arrest the person who the officer believes to be the primary physical aggressor. In making this determination, the officer will make every reasonable effort to consider:

(i) The intent to protect victims of domestic violence under RCW 10.99.010;

(ii) the comparative extent of injuries inflated or serious threats creating fear of physical injury; and

(iii) the history of domestic violence between the persons involved.

If you get arrested for a crime involving domestic violence, a No Contact Order will slam into place almost immediately.

No Contact Orders

There are two types of No Contact Orders in Washington State: Pre-Trial and Post Conviction. Both types of orders prevent the defender from having contact with the accused victim. However, neither type follows the victim from trying to have contact with the defender, since only the defensive goes to jail if the order is violated. In other words, the No Contact Orders limit only the defensible’s behavior.


Pre-Trial Orders are issued against the defender (sometimes called a Respondent) before he or she is denied of having done anything wrong. These orders can preclude contact between the Respondent and the accused victim of the crime, the victim’s children (even if they are the Respondent’s children too), the victim’s place of work and the victim’s home (even if it’s the Respondent’s home too).

In other words, these orders can force you away from your home and your kids before you have even been convicted of a crime. This is true even if the victim says that nothing happened or that whatever did happen was blown all out of proportion.

Pre-trial orders stay in place until there is a resolution to the criminal case or until a Judge lifts it.


A No Contact Order issued after conviction can carry the same types of restrictions that a Pre-Trial order does. Post-Conviction Orders are generally good for a year, however a judge can extend that if he or she fees that the fact warrants it.

Civil Standby

Since a No Contact Order can preclude you from going to your own home, the Courts will generally allow you one trip home to get clothes and a few personal items. However, you must be accompanied by a Law Enforcement Officer. This process is called a “Civil Standby.” You must contact the law enforcement agency and schedule a time for the Civil Standby. Be aware, however, that this is a low priority action for most law enforcement agencies, so the civil standby will only be done when they have the time to spare.

Violating a No Contact Order

A willful violation of a No Contact Order is a gross misdemeanor; which means that you can get up to a year in jail and a $ 5,000 fine. Since violating a Domestic Violence No Contact Order is itself labeled a crime of domestic violence, your rights to own or possess firearms will be forfeited upon conviction – even if no gun was used, possessed, stated or in any other way used or contemplated. This is true even where the underlining criminal case, which caused the No Contact Order to be issued, is dismissed.

Being in a public place, even the courthouse, is not a defense to violating the order. This means that if an order is issued against you and you see the protected person at a grocery store then you must leave. Inadvertent contact may technically not violate the order, but you may well have to go in front of a Judge to defend yourself. Besides the stress involved, you may have to spend more money in order to hire an attorney.

Even if the victim invites the contact, the respondent can face jail time if the order is violated. What I see most often in my cases, is the following scenario:

Two people have a relationship. Something happens and the police are called. Because of everyone’s sensitivity to “Domestic Violence” the police err on the side of charging someone. A No Contact Order then slams into place, preferring the two people from having contact with one another. It may also make one of them unexpectedly homeless – but that is a different issue. People, being people, want to work the problem out and the accused victim contacts the defendant and says something to the effect of “I’m so sorry that all of this is coming. Come home and I’ll make it worth your while. ” The problem, of course, is that the defensive takes the injured victim up on the offer. Generally, legal problems multiply for the defender shortly thereafter as the happy couple go out to celebrate their rekindled relationship only to pull a “slow and go” at a stop sign – or some other minor traffic infraction. They then get stopped by the police. When the officer runs the occupants’ information, up jumps the No Contact Order and the defender is arrested then taken to jail where he is now facing an additional charge.

Removing the Order

It is very difficult to remove a Pre-Trial No Contact order once it is in place. Even if the victim comes in and testifies before the Judge that the order is not needed, most Judges will leave the order in place.

One strategy is to have the defensive evaluated by a Domestic Violence Treatment Agency. If a counselor is willing to tell the Judge that the defensive would not pose a danger to the victim if the order is removed, then the Judge can eliminate the order. The Treatment Agency may want to get the defender into classes before agreeing to make a recommendation to the Judge.

Another strategy is to ask the Court to modify the No C0ontact Order to allow marriage counseling. Some Judges will require that contact only be allowed while monitored by a third party from the treatment agency.

Once a No Contact Order has been modified to allow conditional contact, a Judge is more likely to remove the order later, unless there is a new problem.

Victim Rights

Most Prosecutors’ Offices have a Domestic Violence Advocate. It is this person’s job to help the victim of a domestic violence oath understand what services are available to them and help keep them informed as the court process moves along.

I have seen numerous cases where the victim does not want the No Contact Order to be in effect. Going through the victims advocate person can sometimes be helpful.

Most courts have a form that the accused victim can fill out requesting that the Judge drop the No Contact Order. In my experience, most Judges will maintain the order even after the victim requests to have it dropped. Even though the order remains in place, having the victim ask for it to be removed is still valuable, since it may be useful on a later attempt to remove the order.

Gun Rights

Conviction for a crime claimed Domestic Violence will cause you to loose your right to own or possess firearms. This is a lifelong ban.


In one case I had, the husband was arrested for a Domestic Violence charge when, during an argument, he thread a bowl into their kitchen sink, chipping it. The argument was overheard by a nearby neighbor who called the police. The police arrived and when they looked in the sink, they found the chipped bow and arrested the husband for domestic violence malicious mischief. There was no allegation that the husband tie the bow at, or even near, his wife. Since Washington is a Community Property state, both the husband and the wife had an ownership interest in the bowl, thus by chipping his bowl, the married damaged property belonging to another (ie his wife) and was there before liable under Malicious Mischief. Without counsel, the husband (who had no prior criminal history) pled guilty at arraignment. He was given a one year No Contact Order which preverted him from going home for a year or having any contact with his wife.

Had the husband contacted an attorney prior to pleading guilty, he may not have had a conviction at all. Even if there was a conviction, an attorney could have helped him avoid such a long No Contact Order.

Copyright (c) 2007 The Cahoon Law Office – All rights reserved.

Recreational Properties in North Central Washington You Should Tour

Many years ago, when I first started working on the resort master plan for Bear Mountain Ranch in Chelan, Washington, we looked to the recreation-oriented projects surrounding Bend, Oregon as our models. At that time, there simply were not many significant recreational communities anywhere in Washington and we could not help but notice the similarities that the Chelan-Wenatchee area had with Central Oregon – friendly small towns, high desert arid climate, surrounding mountains, deep rivers and beautiful scenery pretty much everywhere you looked. It looked fairly obvious then, that North Central Washington had all the same things going for it that was making Bend, Oregon so successful. It was just a matter of time.

Now, 20 years later, I can see how Central Washington is finally showing the signs of that huge potential. In particular, the area stretching along the Columbia River from Vantage to Pateros has seen numerous quality projects created during the past decade or so. More are undetribly on the way. In fact, the Wenatchee area is one of the very few spots in the country that has been minimally affected by the recent downturn in the real estate market. Prices have not tumbled here, but have remained steady. Why this is so is the subject of another article, but I will point out that it's partly due to the high desirability of the area and that it was not overbuilt like many other parts of the country.

So let's take a look at a "baker's dozen" of these recreational communities. Undoubtedly I've left some good projects off the list (not intentional, we'll update this map later this summer with additional projects), but this is a good start for those of you heading over to Chelan now to look for recreational real estate and to help you make an informed decision before you buy. You might even bring the " Buying Recreational Property in Central Washington " guide with you while you visit these communities: check off the characteristics that you're looking for as you tour each of them.

What I find interesting is that each of these is distinctly different from the others, catering to different tastes, needs and recreational pursuits. Whether its golf, water sports, hiking trails, fabulous views, location, clubhouse or other amenities, one of these developments is bound to meet your desires and fit your pocket book.

There's only room for brief descriptions here, but links to websites are provided to help you continue your research of these recreation-oriented communities:

  1. Sun Mesa Preserve: Gorgeous planned community overlooking Lake Entiat with 90% open space, miles of walking and cycling trails, stunning views, future clubhouse and equestrian center. Twenty-acre parcels priced from $ 129,000 and up.
  2. Saska Hills : New community nestled into a valley on the edge of Entiat. 35 acres of open space and trails. Quarter-acre lots from $ 75,000 to $ 145,000.
  3. Bear Mountain Ranch : Master-planned community featuring a beautiful championship 18-hole golf course, trails, future clubhouse, quarter-acre lots and fractional-ownership homes with views of Lake Chelan. Lot & custom homes from around $ 900,000 up; reservations for 1/8 fractional-ownership homes.
  4. Clos CheValle : One-half acre Lake Chelan view lots surrounded by 100 acres of vineyards and open space. Miles of walking trails and a community park. Lots from $ 265,000 to $ 319,000.
  5. Beebe Ranch : ac acre riverfront lots from $ 200,000 to $ 400,000. Soon sold-out, but there are future plans for a marina and master planned resort.
  6. Ridge at the Haystack : Gated community of two- and five-acre view lots located on east side of the Columbia River. From $ 90,000 up.
  7. Silver Spur Resort : A 2700-acre private resort community of 5% 2B acre properties overlooking Lake Pateros. Clubhouse, lake access and equestrian facility. Priced from $ 84,000.
  8. Desert Canyon : Acclaimed 18-hole golf course near Orondo. Limited real estate opportunities from $ 350,000.
  9. Ravenwing Ranch : A 10,000-acre private community featuring river front access and miles of private walking and equestrian trails. View lots of 2- to 10-acres from $ 475,000 to $ 790,000.
  10. Spanish Castle Resort & Spa : Proposed resort community along the Columbia River offering condominiums, townhomes and custom homes adjacent to future 18-hole golf course.
  11. Sunserra : Condominiums at Crescent Bar overlooking the Columbia River and a 9-hole par-3 golf course. Sold out, but resales available.
  12. Sagecliffe : A 700- acreurally -based master planned resort community overlooking the dramatic Columbia River Gorge and future links-style golf course. Limited to 49 homesites priced from $ 495,000 to over $ 1,000,000.
  13. Canyon River Ranch : Co-ownership Yakima riverfront lodge suites available from $ 159,000 and up. Renowned fly-fishing and other outdoor activities.

Enjoy your tour!

Get Married in Kitsap County, Washington – 6 Easy Steps to a Small and Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Getting married in Kitsap County, Washington? As you consider what you want and desire for your wedding ceremony, your dream may be a fun, small and intimate affair.

Each year, many couples elect to be married in this beautiful County of Western Washington State that is home to small cities and towns like Silverdale, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Kingston and more ~ ‚Äč‚Äčalso known as "West Sound."

As you plan your wedding ceremony in Kitsap County, here are six easy steps to follow for a fun and memorable small wedding ceremony experience:

6 Tips For A Fun, Small & Intimate Wedding Ceremony ~ Kitsap County Style!

1) Set A Date ~ Once you decide on having a small and intimate wedding ceremony, you'll want to set a date. The Summer months are glorious in West Sound. For a best chance at gorgeous Summer weather, set your date for July or August. June and September are "iffy" when it comes to weather. All other months are really a wild card for weather, especially an outdoor wedding.

2) You'll Need A Marriage License ~ In order to get hitched in Kitsap County, you will need a marriage license. You must apply for and purchase a marriage license and it is good for 60 days from the time of purchase. Happily, you can apply for a marriage license in any County of Washington State and it is good in Kitsap County. If you're eloping or need to get married ASAP, there is a three-day waiting period from the time of application so figure this into quick wedding plans.

Tip: To apply for a marriage license, visit the Courthouse in Port Orchard, Washington. You may also apply by mail if location and / or time is a consideration. For information, go to:

3) Select A Your Ceremony Venue / Location ~ There are many possible venues and locations for your small wedding ceremony in Kitsap County. St. Paul's Church in Port Gamble, Washington is a favorite for weddings tiny and big. The Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo is a happy place run by two amazing women who offer their venue to weddings of all sizes. Kitsap Memorial State Park is a waterfront venue that not only offers an outside space for a wedding but a building in case of nasty weather.

Tip : Visit the Kitsap County Convention & Visitors Bureau in Silverdale, WA, for more venue / location ideas and information on Kitsap County wedding services and vendors. All services provided by the Bureau are free and the staff there is a happy bundle and eager to share information with you.

4) Ceremony Officer / Minister ~ You can not get hitched without someone to marry you! You will save money by finding an Officer or Minister in West Sound rather than "importing" someone from the Seattle area. Create a short list of candidates by dong a quick search on Google. If possible, set-up an in-person meeting to insure the prospective Officer / Minister is a good fit for you. If your wedding is last minute or an elopement, a thorough phone interview will suffice.

5) Celebration Meal ~ Mmmm … time to celebrate! There are wonderful restaurants that have a "celebration feel" to them through Kitsap County. If you'd like to have lunch or dinner after your ceremony, consider Molly Ward Gardens in Poulsbo or Four Swallows Restaurant on Bainbridge Island. Consult the local Convention & Visitor's Bureau for more favors.

6) Honeymoon Night ~ Your best bet for a lovely honeymoon night? A local bed and breakfast. Illahee Bed and Breakfast in Bremerton is a waterfront B & B and popular with honeymooners and couples. This is just one example of the dozens of sweet B & B's and Inns through Kitsap County. Again, check out the folks at the Kitsap Convention & Visitors Bureau for best recommendations and website links.

Five Star Hotels in Washington DC

Basically, when traveling the first thing that people always consider first is the place where they will stay while in vacation. in choosing a place to stay it always matter to each personal preference. Like most travelers and businessmen want to stay a place where they could relax after a stressful week, meeting or conference.

The most place that people went for vacation is the Washington D.C. This is one of the busiest city every summer and winter season. People find Washington D.C the best place to have vacation due to its historic attractions and the center of business. One of the most suited place where they like to stay are the five star hotels in Washington D.C.

Five star hotels in Washington D.C brings comfort and stress reliever while your in vacation or business trip. The hotels differ in what kind of styles they have to entertain their guests. Like having their own amenities and facilities where the guests can enjoy the stay. They all have what it takes to make them feel that they are home while on vacations.

One of the amenities that five star hotels in Washington D.C have are making the rooms like a small house. Having a small kitchenette, living room with well appointed furniture and a cozy, quiet place. You are really pampered to the max with also a 24 hours room service, a clean pool to swim at, and a spa and sauna to relax with. All kinds of leisure are there to enjoy.

Example of the best five star hotels in Washington D.C are the Hay- Adams, Park Hyatt Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental and Ritz- Carlton Hotel. They are a lot more of these beautiful hotels that the place offer. You can find more when you visit our site.

Basic Elements of Search Engine Optimization in Bellingham Washington

Search engine optimization in Bellingham Washington requires local proprietors to utilize specific methods to have their content indexed by search engines. The process is not much different than what's used in other regions of the country. However, these tactics can help companies more easily reach out to the community.

There are a few approaches to search engine optimization in Bellingham Washington. Owners can enroll employees in an SEO marketing course which can be delivered in a classroom or office setting. Courses are also offered as self-paced and allow employees to participate via computer either at home or in the office.

Another approach is to hire a search engine optimization marketing consultant to train employees. This is a good option for companies that prefer hands-on interaction and personal question and answer sessions. The Print and Copy Factory at 4055 Irongate Road offers a variety of seminars and workshops. They are known as Bellingham's marketing resource center and offer much-needed business services like copy and print, book binding, and logo design.

It's helpful to work with local consultants because they can conduct multiple in-house training sessions and be reached for quick questions and guidance. Three good resources for locating marketing consultants include:,, and Businesses that prefer to work with accredited marketing consultants should obtain referrals through the Better Business Bureau.

A third approach is to outsource tasks to an SEO service company. At last count, there were more than two dozen firms that specialize in these services for the Bellingham market. A good source for researching service providers is In addition to locating contact information and available services, this directory also provides unsolicited customer testimonials.

When outsourcing projects it's best to take time to interview several potential candidates. Search engine optimization is necessary for all types of online marketing strategies, so it's best to work with full service agencies that engage in web design, online videos, podcasting, local search, link building, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

To become recognized within the community, owners need to engage in local search marketing. Local search directories are similar to business phone directories, but with extra features.

Each of the major search providers offer local search; however, there are numerous directories geared towards this market. A few of the more popular include: DexKnows.Bellingham, Bellingham.AreaConnect, CitySearch,, Next, and

About 25 percent of website traffic is derived from local search. Therefore, publishing to directories is an essential element of SEO marketing. Local businesses can upload their contact information, business hours, website URL, and a variety of marketing materials such as product catalogs and sales flyers.

It's important to note that local search directories frequently change their format. Owners must commit to keeping a watchful eye over directory listings to make sure information is not removed or altered after publication.

Search engine optimization is a specialized field that takes time to master. Furthermore, the techniques are ever-evolving, so what works today might not be applicable tomorrow. To achieve success normally involves chasing at least one employee who is dedicated to optimizing all forms of online advertising.

Due to the complexities of SEO, the majority of business owners hand over projects to professionals. It's very helpful to work with local SEO agencies that are familiar with the region and have a good understanding of the demographic market.

Working in unison with professionals can expedite the development of solid marketing campaigns that boost traffic and aid in expanding online presence. Companies that specialize in SEO can create keyword rich content that is optimized for the Bellingham market as well as search engines.

Search engine optimization in Bellingham Washington can be a complex task. It demands strategic planning and thorough understanding of SEO methods, along with a commitment to develop new advertising campaigns on a regular basis. Working together with specialists can minimize time spent on developing campaigns and maximize marketing budgets.

Denzel Washington and My Self-Esteem Bucket

I watched an interview with two-time Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington today. His new movie (he directed and acted), coming to the theaters on Christmas Day, is called The Great Debaters . The story follows a black southern debate team during the Great Depression as they pursue the challenges of debating the white teams. Denzel knows exactly who he is!

He told how he starts and ends his day with prayer, asking for guidance, protection, and even more "thank You's". He talked about how everyone has his little bucket of self-esteem and all day long people are tipping his bucket, trying to empty it out. He said he has to refill that bucket, sometimes several times a day, and the only way to refill it is to maintain his inner peace. How does he refill it? Denzel runs to the Lord for His refills. His mother always told him, "Man gives the AWARD, God gives the REWARD."

He stuck me as a very humble man in spite of his huge accomplishments and awards. His comments also brought up a question inside of me. Do I know who I am? If I do, how do I know? And where do I run to fill up my own bucket of self-esteem? Here's my refill station and what I know about myself.

I am God's child (John 1:12)

I am Christ's friend (John 15:15)

I am united with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17)

I am bought with a price (1 Cor. 6: 19-20)

I am a saint (set apart for God). (Eph. 1: 1)

I am a personal witness of Christ. (Acts 1: 8)

I am the salt & light of the earth (Matt. 5: 13-14)

I am a member of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27)

I am free forever from condemnation (Rom. 8: 1-2)

I am a citizen of Heaven. I am significant (Phil.3: 20)

I am free from any charge against me (Rom. 8:31 -34)

I am a minister of reconciliation for God (2 Cor.5: 17-21)

I have access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18)

I am imprisoned with Christ in the heavenly realms (Eph. 2: 6)

I can not be separated from the love of God (Rom.8: 35-39)

I am established, anointed, sealed by God (2 Cor.1: 21-22)

I am assured all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28)

I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit (John 15:16)

I may approach God with freedom and confidence (Eph. 3: 12)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)

I am the branch of the true vine, a channel of His life (John 15: 1-5)

I am God's temple (1 Cor. 3:16).

I am complete in Christ (Col. 2: 10)

I am hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3: 3).

I have been justified (Romans 5: 1)

I am God's co-worker (1 Cor .. 3: 9; 2 Cor 6: 1).

I am God's workmanship (Eph.2: 10)

I am confident that the good works God has begun in me will be perfected. (Phil 1: 5)

I have been redeemed and forgiven (Col.1: 14).

I have been adopted as God's child (Eph 1: 5)

I belong to God !!! I am God's Girl and He cherishes me! Now that builds my esteem! Yep, my bucket is full today! (C) 2007 April Lorier

Getting Married in Pierce County, Washington – 3 Easy Steps to Obtaining Your Marriage License

If you are being married in Pierce County, Washington, you will need a marriage license!

Here are 3 easy steps to secure a legal marriage license in Pierce County, Washington:

1) In-Person: Where To Apply For Pierce County Marriage License. You can apply in person at the Pierce County Auditors Office / Annex, located at 2401 S. 35th Street, Room 200, in Tacoma, Washington. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

To apply for a license in Pierce County, you must be 18 years of age and both of you must make the in-person trek to the County Auditor's office. The marriage license will cost you $ 64 – cash, money order or cashier's check is accepted. Beware ~ personal checks are not accepted! If one or both parties are 17 years of age, they must have the consent of a parent.

Your Pierce County marriage license is good for any county in Washington State. So, for instance, if you purchase your license in Pierce County, you may be married in King, Kitsap, Snohomish Counties, to name a few.

Your marriage license is good for 60 days. If your license somehow expires, you will need to go through the entire process again and re-apply for another license.

Note: You may apply for your marriage license by mail if time and / or distance is a consideration. Please contact the County's Auditor office at 253-798-7435 for more specifics and information.

2) Wait! Do not Forget To Figure In Your Waiting Period To Get Married: T here is 3-day waiting period to use your license. Take a peak at your license documents when you pick them up and / or have them provided you and this will give you the "valid dates" for a wedding ceremony.

3) Find Someone To Activate Your Marriage License! Once you have your legal paperwork, you will need to find a Non-Denominational Officer, Minister, Priest, Rabbi or other to marry you. If you are being outside of a specific religious institution, you have a lot of flexibility on the person who can marry you.

To find a person who appeals to you, go to the "Google" and search for an Officiant under "Pierce County Officiant" or "Tacoma Minister."

Officiant fees veryly. If time allows, meet with a few candidates and make your selection from there. Working with a Non-Denominational Officer or Minister is a very personal experience and your goal is to find a person whose personality and approach to all things "wedding ceremony" appeals to you.

Best of luck!

Places to Elope – Our Nation's Capitol Washington, DC

Eloping in Washington, DC is sure to provide you with beautiful scenery whether in the middle of autumn with its beautiful, changing colors or in the spring while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. If you have ever aspired to elope in our Nations Capitol, then Washington DC is the place for you! It is filled with historic inns and museums, and choosing an elopement spot in our nation's capital can seem like an overwhelming task. Please be sure to note: By law, three full days must pass between the day of marriage license application to the day that the license can be issued.

Washington, DC Museums: Museums are a popular pick for weddings, and Washington DC is filled with museums that will be able to rent out their facilities to elope. First, is the National Museum of Women in the Arts. This place to elope is the only museum on the planet with contributions solely from women artists. It provides several perfect venues such as its Great Hall and Mezzanine.

Another historical location to elope in our Nations Capitol would be The Dumbarton House, a shocking example of Federal architecture and built in 1800. Their mission is to "preserve the historic structure and its collections and to educate the public about life in Washington, DC, during the early years of the Republic. " There are outside terraces as well as the accused Belle Vue Room with wooden floors and 13 foot white coffered ceilings.

Finally, there is Decatur House located in Lafayette Square just across from the White House. It provides a small look at almost 200 years of history. A popular choice for an elopement here would be the Carriage House which has twenty-foot vaulted ceilings and an entire wall of windows. Also, the Courtyard at Decatur house showcases gardens from the 19th century and a fountain for a truly intimate experience. Truly one of the best places to elope in our Nations Capitol!

Hotel Weddings: Four Seasons Hotel in DC is a luxury hotel renowned for its French marble bathrooms. They offer an array of wedding packages including "Saturday Wedding," "Winter Wedding" and "Love is Love" wedding packages. The Mansion O hotel is considered to be THE place to elope in many bridal magazines. It was built in the late 19th century and has hosted events for writers, musicians, foreign dignitaries and even heads of state. The Mansion on O will be more than happy to help you plan your elopement for two including a custom wedding cake.

The Hay-Adams House is another wonderful location for eloping in Washington, DC It is named for the private assistant, John Hay, who lived within its walls and for Henry James, who was a descendant of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams. It is popular due to its view of the White House across Lafayette Square as well as St. Louis. John's Church. Also, they will be more than happy to plan any couples activities for you including massages, a sunset cruise on the Potomac and tours of our Nations Capitol.

Gardens of DC: While many cities boast their botanical gardens for wedding venues, Washington, DC has the US National Arboretum. This location, unlike others, contains a stunning Dogwood collection providing a gorgeous back for your elopement and a garden wedding is always extraordinary. Even if you do not exchange vows here, it can be rented and used as a site for photographs of your special day.

Whether it is history, luxury, beauty or a combination of all three, eloping in Washington DC is sure to please you and your spouse to be. The wide array of events makes our nation's capital a wonderful place to elope and any season provides a beautiful backdrop.

Get Married in Snohomish County, Washington – 3 Easy Steps For a Quick and Fun Wedding Ceremony

Snohomish County, Washington is a beautiful County in Washington State for a wedding ceremony. Just a short drive North from Seattle, couples love to be married in Snohomish County as it has offers not only waterfront vistas but mountain and rural country wedding venues as well.

If you are being married in this County, here are 3 easy steps to help you coordinate a quick and easy wedding ceremony.


1) Get Legal ~ Your Marriage License: To get legal, you will need to secure a valid Washington State marriage license at least 60 days before your wedding day. To apply for your license in Snohomish County, contact the County’s Auditor’s office for information. You will need to apply in person and there is a 3-day waiting period to use the license from the date of application. Cost for your license is $62.

If you are being married in Snohomish County, you may apply for your marriage license in any other County in Washington State. The way that things work in Washington State is that a marriage license purchased in one County is good to be used in any other County of the State.

2) Location/Venue For Your Snohomish County Wedding Ceremony: If you are seeking a sweet and inexpensive venue for your big day, one of the best kept secrets of Northwest engaged couples is a newer wedding website sponsored by the Snohomish Tourism Bureau:

This website features locations and venues for wedding ceremonies of all shapes and sizes in Snohomish County and is your easy “go to” resource to make your search for a location or venue easy and fun.

3) Find An Officiant Or Minister To Get You Hitched ~ If you are being married outside of a church or other religious institution in Snohomish, you have a grand variety of non-denominational wedding officiants and ministers to choose from to officiate your ceremony.

Do a quick search on the Google under “Snohomish County Wedding Officiant or Minister” and you’ll find a number of men and women who may appeal to you. Create a short list and if possible, set up an interview with three Officiants or Ministers so you can select the person whose personality and approach to ceremony resonates most strongly with you. On average, officiant services range from $250 – $650, depending on what you want and/or desire for your ceremony.

Washington Chowder

Here is a delicious recipe that has been handed down through my husband's family for generations and is a great favorite. Whenever the family gets together they ask my mother-in-law to make it. It is a soup that her mother made when she was young. She was of french descent so maybe it came from the old country. Wherever it originated from it is now is a favorite with me, my children and my grandchildren.

This is a smooth and creamy chowder but yet has the texture of the vegetables and I love the flavor of the cream with the tomatoes. It probably has a lot of calories but sometimes you just have to eat to please your taste buds.

This chowder is a great appetizer but it also makes a full meal at lunch time.

Washington Chowder

1 cup diced potatoes

2 cups water

1 small onion

1 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup stewed tomatoes

3/4 cup corn

1/2 cup heavy cream

Peel and dice the potatoes. Slice the onions in long skinny strips and cook in the water with the potatoes. When tender, add the tomatoes and corn. Heat until warm but not boiling. Stir in the cream and salt. Cautiously heat until the cream is warm being careful to prevent sticking and scorching.

Serve with crackers or bread and butter.

Serves 4

Prepare this recipe for your family and although this chowder has not been handed down from your grandmother it may still become a tradition in your family.

Elope in Snohomish County, Washington: 5 Steps To Get You From Engaged To Married

Many couples choose to elope in Snohomish County, Washington State.

Snohomish County is a beautiful County just north of Seattle and offers unique and memorable location/venue opportunities for an elopement. And the County makes it convenient to secure a marriage license whether you want to be married in three days, next week or next month!

As you consider eloping in Snohomish County, here are 5 steps to get you from engaged to married.

How To Elope ~ Snohomish County Style!

1) Apply and Pick-up Your License from the Snohomish County Marriage Licensing Office. You can’t elope in Snohomish County without your valid marriage license so securing your license is one of the first things you must do.

Snohomish County has a very comprehensive website loaded with all of the information you need to apply and secure a valid marriage license. You may apply and pick-up your license in person or you may start the process via phone and regular mail. If you apply for your license in person, you must both show up. The license fee is $64 and no blood test is required. Note: there is a 3-day waiting period from the date your license is issued before you can get married and your license is good for up to 60 days from the date it is issued.

2) Decide On “Where” To Elope in Snohomish: Snohomish County is popular with local couples and couples traveling to the area because it offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor venues/locations for an elopement. Whether you want to get married on the water, at the top of the mountain, at a quaint country bed and breakfast or perhaps on a ferry departing from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island, your options are endless.

Check out the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau for more information and ideas or consider one of these popular venues/locations for your elopement, whether your guest list is 2 people or 10 people!

– River Rock Inn, Arlington, WA

– The bustling waterfront by the ferry dock, Edmonds, WA

– A Country Location, Arlington, WA

– Monte Villa Farmhouse, Bothell, WA

– Belle Chapel, Snohomish, WA

3) Your Guest List: 2 Witnesses (and maybe more!) – As you plan your elopement, don’t forget you will need two witnesses over 18 years of age!

4) Locate an Officiant Or Minister Who Is Happy To Officiate Your Elopement. There are many wonderful Officiants and Ministers located in Western Washington and in Snohomish County who would love to participate in your elopement. Use the internet to locate a few folks and find a person who resonates with you. Most of all, if you are eloping in the popular Summer wedding season, make up a short list of several candidates as finding someone can be often more challenging during this busy time of year.

5) Your Wedding Day: Show Up, Get Married And File Your Legal Paperwork. That’s right! Show up for your elopement, exchange your vows and don’t forget to file your legal paperwork with the County. Oftentimes, your Officiant or Minister will do this for you as a courtesy. So, elope today and enjoy every moment of creating a lifetime memory!