No One In Washington DC Seems To Be Happy With the 2017-2018 Trump Budget – That’s A Good Thing

Not long ago, I was talking with a fellow think tank type, a real intellectual, who seemed to be worried about the proposed Federal Budget. We had both recently listened to a National Public Radio (NPR) segment on what exactly was in the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Trump Administration Budget. There were some good things and some not-so-good-things depending on your preferences and political leanings and ideology. Let’s talk shall we?

You see, personally, I believe we should immediately defund NPR, as their anti-American, anti-Trump, pro-Global Socialist Agenda is all wrong for this country – they do not deserve the US Taxpayer to offset their budget, not one dollar. I think we ought to also consider cutting funding to PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) as I see it is also akin to the NPR leftist slant in commentary, chosen interviewees and ideology of staff and reporters on air. Still, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “Fake News” like CNN, but rather one-sided and always putting the Democrat Perspectives in the most positive light – and often crossing the line in my view.

I believe we should limit government spending – as anytime you limit government, you help growth in the private sector as you reduce the bureaucracy, which slows down the flows of money, capital, jobs, investment, so in that regard it will help jobs. The foreign wars have been quite wasteful, agreed, but we still need the best and strongest military in the solar system. Increasing military budget is necessary for readiness, we need to bring everything back up to readiness and reliability – otherwise all our ‘redlines’ will ring hollow and we invite challenges.

First things first, our government must protect the American People, that’s the first job, without that all is for not. Government must first prove it can do that right, before doing ANYTHING ELSE. A 6-month Federal Government shutdown would be great, people would immediately see how little we need the Federal Government in our lives.

The Trump Budget also cuts out a lot of foreign aid. You know, we spend endless dollars in foreign aid bribing countries to serve our will and then these supposed client nations spit into our faces, fine, they have the right to serve their own interests, go for it then, they can do that without our assistance, without MY Tax Dollars. I like to recommend “Bureaucracy” by Ludwig van Misses to those who call for bigger government, sure we need a government, but not much of one, and no bigger than we can drown in the bathtub if it gets out-of-line, or someone once said. Please consider all this and think on it – until then; Don’t Hesitate – Be Great.